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From HyperIce, a leading innovator in portable cold compression garments comes another must-have addition to any pre- and post-workout regimen. Our XPRO’s will show you how to use this advanced mobility tool that goes beyond the myofascial release possible with traditional massage balls. While still a compact, easy-to-use self-massager, the HyperSphere is also equipped with three digitally controlled vibration settings, along with a textured rubber exterior designed for targeting localized soft tissue.


Used in Classes: 

      • Hyperice Recovery

Supports Focus Areas: 

      • Abductors
      • Arms
      • Calves
      • Chest
      • Feet
      • Glutes
      • Hamstrings
      • Hip Flexors
      • Latissimus Dorsi
      • Lower Back
      • Lower Body
      • Quadriceps

Ideal for workouts: 

      • Recovery


    • Dimensions: 5 in
    • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
    • Weight Capacity: not listed
    • Massage / Mobility Tool for Warmup and/or Recovery
    • 3 High-Intensity Core Vibration Settings
    • Small, lightweight, portable, and durable
    • Textured rubber exterior channels vibration toward localized treatment area
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge
    • HyperSphere AC charger included