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Resistance Tube

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Resistance tubes are used in a variety of XPLUS workouts to intensify the impact of your work. They can be used to target an array of muscle groups so that they can strengthen and tone with repeated use. Cushioned handles improve comfort and grip. Multiple resistance levels are available to personalize the workout to the focus area and your fitness level. Sold individually: Light, Medium, or Heavy resistance.


Used in Classes: 

      • AKT BANDS
      • AKT DANCE
      • AKT TONE
      • Club Pilates CP Mat Flow
      • Pure Barre Classic
      • Pure Barre Intensive Arms

Supports Focus Areas: 

      • Arms
      • Core
      • Lower Body
      • Total Body
      • Upper Body

Ideal for workouts: 

      • Conditioning
      • Functional Movement
      • HIIT
      • Strength


    • Light Resistance Band - 48" long
    • Medium Resistance Band - 48" long
    • Heavy Resistance Band - 52" long